Leverage Your New Cash for Growth

What are The FTI Credit Resources?

First, we'll tell you what it's not. We aren't a legal lender who finances business investments or diversification. FTI Credit Resources all start with a tax deferral. Once you've entered into a deferral transaction with us, we are ready to help you secure a line of credit. With excellent credit and assets, you can borrow up to 95% of the value of your deferral for 1.25% over Libor. Try to find a better rate... Let us know if you do.

Our FTI Credit Resources may well be the key piece to your financial puzzle. If your credit is good enough, you can nearly double the assets leveraging your business’ value optimization or working for you in retirement.

Credit Resources Allow You to Become Your Own Bank


Your Family Bank

You now have a significant asset invested and growing tax-deferred in order to fund future payments to you


Your FTI Line of Credit

In the meantime, FTI gives you a line of credit so you can continue to invest


Your Exponential Growth

This gives you complete control and leverage over your future. You will never be tied down again

Leverage Your New Cash For Growth

Combine a Family Bank tax deferral with an FTI-assisted line of credit and put your tax-deferred funds to work.

Want More Information?

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